Zgłaszanie awarii 24/7
Zgłaszanie awarii 24/7

Get to know us

For you, for the environment.

Infrastruktura Niepołomice sp. z o.o. is a limited liability company established in 2009 and is 100% owned by the municipality of Niepołomice. 

We are focused on providing the highest quality services for our 40 thousand individual and business customers. 

We treat and supply water. We drain and treat sewage. But our tasks go far beyond the scope of work of the municipal waterworks. 

We take care of the city’s plants. We manage the marketplace, parking zone and the swimming pool. We provide construction and transportation services. We provide socially critical solutions.

Our mission
We work for the health, satisfaction of our customers and the preservation of our fragile environment. 

Our reputation
We are a responsible company, respecting the needs of our customers, using the best available technologies. We care for good relations with our Customers and Business Partners. 

Currently, the company is in operation of 321 km of water supply system. The sewerage network has a total length of 279 km.

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