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Name change

Our company changes the name

On December 23, 2021, the mayor of Niepołomice signed a new company agreement for Wodociągi Niepołomice. The most visible change is the new name of our company: Infrastruktura Niepołomice sp. z o.o.

The name change was registered on April 25, 2022. From that day on, the new name – „Infrastruktura Niepołomice” – will appear in the National Court Register instead of the old name „Wodociągi Niepołomice”.

The new name reflects the nature of our services in a better way. For a long time now, it’s not only supplying water and treating sewage. We take care of the greenery in parks or at playgrounds. We manage an indoor swimming pool and a market place. We are the operator of the paid parking zone.

At the same time, we improve our work by changing the organizational structure, improving information flow and digitalization of communication.

The bank account numbers, tax identification and telephone numbers will not change.

Our slogan: For You, for the Environment puts residents and care for the natural surroundings in the center of our attention.

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The changes are intended to help the company adapt to the dynamically evolving environment and to the nature of our rapidly growing municipality.

They include the implementation of new information systems, organisational solutions, technology and communication.

We want to do an even better job of improve the quality of life and the environment.

We care about our common home, about its most important resources.We care about the commune of Niepołomice and its residents.

The change of the company’s data in the National Court Register is in progress

The change of name will not require annexing
annexes or signing contracts with the company’s existing Customers.

For example, if you use water supplied by the Wodociągi Niepołomice, you do not have to do anything.

The bank account for billing will not change.

For easier accounting of your payment enter your invoice or customer number in the title of the transfer.

Our employees are the Company’s most valuable asset, and changes in the company’s operations will not negative impact on their situation.

Now you can also join the team of Infrastructure
Niepołomice! We are looking for engineers, accountants and technical employees. We offer equal opportunities to everyone.

Go to infrastruktura.eu/kariera and leave your CV!

The company headquarters remains at 27 Droga Królewska Street, Niepołomice. The contact phone numbers do not change.

E-mail addresses have also changed. The domain wodociagi-niepolomice.pl has been replaced by infrastruktura.eu.

The old e-mails will work for a while, however please use the new mailboxes.

Previous website will not be updated.

The new organizational scheme means changes in the structure of the company. The company has been divided into five main divisions. Matters connected with technical conditions, realization
and acceptance inspections are now part of one division located at Droga Królewska 27.

For all matters related to water meter readings, billing, contract processing write to: [email protected].

The company’s general email is: [email protected].

Our telephone numbers still work: 12 28 11 661, 12 28 11 662, 12 28 11 040, 12 281 24 23.

Breakdowns can be reported 24/7 on the emergency numbers: 12 281 50 54, 12 281 50 37.

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